Volunteering with St Wilfrid's

Whether it's minutes or months, days or decades, every moment matters

Volunteers are at the heart of our hospice and play a vital role in everything we do. Without their time and generosity, we would not be able to provide our services to patients and their families.

We're always looking to welcome new faces to our amazing team. If you have some time to spare and would like to make a difference in your local community, we would love to hear from you. Click through the pages above to find out more.

Why not get involved?

As a Community Support Volunteer, Amanda offers companionship to patients with a life-limiting illness in their own homes. She came to the role three years ago after giving up work earlier than she intended to be more involved with her family.

Amanda was working in the community, which she loved, and saw volunteering at St Wilfrid’s as a way of continuing this work in another capacity.

Amanda has been visiting Delphine since starting in the role, and the two have formed a meaningful bond; as Amanda says: ‘We have similar views on life; we discuss current affairs, chat about our families and give each other advice on domestic matters.

‘Since 2016 Delphine has become more housebound and only leaves home if she really has to. She mentioned several times that it is difficult to get to the library, which was frustrating for her as she had been reading a detective series by Peter James; all the books end on a cliff-hanger and she was keen to get the next book.’

When Delphine was unable to remember the name of the next book in the series, Amanda turned detective herself - and remembers surreptitiously reading Peter James books in charity and book shops to try and find the next instalment in the series!

She eventually tracked down the next books for Delphine, who confessed to reading late into the night!

As Amanda explains, ‘I cannot begin to explain how satisfying it is to have achieved this simple task and given so much pleasure.’ The tale doesn’t end there: when Peter James himself heard about Amanda’s sleuthing, he sent Delphine a signed copy of his latest book, which she was delighted to receive. A very satisfying conclusion to the story - and not a cliff-hanger in sight!