As the Streets Ahead Salon Coordinator, Mandy Hendry runs the Streets Ahead salon at the hospice, primarily giving beauty treatments to patients, but also to members of the public who aren’t being cared for by the hospice. ‘When patients are feeling unwell, it takes their mind off of it and it’s a treat for them; we can chat away about all sorts of things.’

Unfortunately, Mandy has had to shield herself since March as she suffers from COPD, and with the Wellbeing Centre at the hospice being temporarily closed, she has been unable to work as a beauty therapist. As a result, she lent a hand by carrying out the Voices questionnaire over the phone with those who have been bereaved, which helps indicate what the hospice is doing well and how we can improve. ‘During the initial stages of lockdown, people were really appreciative of the opportunity to talk, but I did lose my voice!’ Mandy said.

After helping with the questionnaires, she was then put on furlough, giving her the opportunity to spend a lot of time in her garden growing fruit, vegetables and other plants. This downtime hasn’t stopped her from doing her bit for the hospice though!

‘I decided to sell the surplus plants in aid of the hospice, which has been quite successful. My dad is a handyman by trade and was looking for jobs to do, so he made me a stall out of pallets, which has given me more space to start selling jams and cakes, as well as the plants. I’ve got lots more ideas, including lavender soaps and rhubarb gin. 

‘I felt because I was shielding that I couldn’t help at work, but this is my small contribution to help.

‘I’ve had a really good response from people. Particularly when I’m putting the stall out and putting it away, people who walk by get chatting and it often gets the conversation going about the hospice.’

Due to her COPD and furlough arrangements, Mandy isn’t able to come back to the hospice quite yet, but she looks forward to returning.

‘It seems like I’ve been away for ages! I miss my volunteers and all of the clients, but this time has allowed me to spend precious time in my garden and with my family, and enjoy the simple things in life.’

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