We use a variety of communication methods to keep the community we serve aware of us and our work. We use adverts, news stories and banners across our catchment area to raise awareness of our work.

We love the interactive nature of social media and, although we cannot respond to every mention, we always try to interact with every post.

Last week we received a mention on Twitter from Sophie Reid. Sophie is a water sports instructor who is donating the profits from sales of her poetry collection, I AM – poems on grief, to St Wilfrid’s; we got in touch with Sophie, who told us the fuller story.

‘I am a writer and water sports instructor now living in Cornwall, although I grew up just outside Eastbourne. I am raising funds for St Wilfrid’s Hospice because it is a place that holds many memories.

‘Ten years ago my mother was given a bed at the hospice, and it provided her with great comfort towards the end of her life and was a place that had a great impact on me.

‘It now seemed the right time to collect these poems together and raise some money to give back to somewhere that had an impact on our lives.

‘I wanted to share these poems now because they are about an important time in my life and I also hope that they might help someone else.

‘The support that I have received for these poems and for St Wilfrid's has been lovely and it feels very rewarding to give something back and honour a memory at the same time.’

Sophie has kindly given us permission to share one of her poems.  

I Am

You stand by the faded headstone
the words disappearing with the seasons.

I am not there.

I did not travel far.

You feel me under your feet
when you step out the back door,
barefooted and clutching a cup of tea,
the beds flaring into colour,
my own impressionist painting.

I am the frost that clings
to the grass, glittering
as the day breaks.

I am the roots deep
under the soil, the new shoots
that return in the spring.

I am the peacock butterfly that dances on a petal
wings quivering in the sunshine,
the wagtail that bathes in the birdbath,
The bluetit that sings from the cherry blossom.

I am in the roses and the thorns,
the box hedges and paving slabs,
I am the soil and seed under your feet -

I am here.

I AM - poems on grief is available in paper and digital formats through Sophie’s Etsy shop.

Thank you, Sophie, for your support of St Wilfrid’s!

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