The life-changing event returns on Saturday 9th March at St Wilfrid's Hospice, Eastbourne. Brave participants will be raising much-needed funds for hospice care by hot-footing it over three metres of scorching-hot coals.
So, with the date inching ever closer. We though what better way to look ahead than by hearing from past firewalkers.

Jill's Firewalk

‘I give a regular amount each month in memory of my sister, who died at the hospice in 2014, but wanted to do something more. Through the Firewalk you’re able to get sponsored and raise awareness, too, besides it’s such a “face your fears” challenge… how could I resist!
‘I really enjoyed the motivational seminar before the walk - it was very inspiring and really set me up for the walk itself. Once completed, I felt elated and wanted to do it all over again!
‘I raised just over £600 for the hospice through a JustGiving page that I set up, so felt I had really made a valuable contribution.’

Lucy's Firewalk

‘My sister, Helen, died at the hospice in 2015 - she was only there for five days or so; I took part in the Fire and Ice Walk in 2017 for her.
‘I know she would have been game for Firewalk; she would have also thought it a bit mad, too!
‘It was just the most incredible event. The ice walk was amazing; I walked over the broken glass in a sort of meditative way. I tried to go again, but they wouldn’t let me!
‘The walk over hot coals didn’t feel quite as peaceful(!), but I still loved it.
‘I went into the event not knowing anyone, but I left with the most wonderful sense of community.
‘We were doing these ridiculous warm-up exercises with our eyes shut, which I would normally feel silly doing, but here I felt so safe and encouraged.
‘I got chatting to another lady taking part in the event and we ended up walking over the coals with our arms around each other.
‘After we had finished the walk, I gave everyone a hug. I don’t normally put my arms around strangers, but the atmosphere was so special.
‘We were all doing this for the same reason. We didn’t need to say it; there was this silent understanding between one another.’

Caroline's Firewalk

Caroline firewalked in 2015 and in 2017 and she will be returning for this year’s Firewalk. 
Her husband Tony, was supported by St Wilfrid’s from 2015 until March 2018, when he died at the hospice.
‘The care Tony received was amazing. He used to go to the gym at the hospice, and I was so well-supported through everything.
‘I took part in the fire walk my first time, and then did the broken glass walk the second. It was very nerve-wracking to start with, but I felt ready to go after hearing the talk a motivational speaker gave to our group.
‘The talk was about the power of positive thinking; I actually still think about it now. It helps me in my everyday life.’
There are only 100 places available for this year’s Firewalk – will you take on the challenge?