We were delighted to receive a grant award of £10,000 from the Hospital Saturday Fund towards the salary of an Occupational Therapist. This has enabled us to recruit Jennie Holland, who has been assisting patients both within the hospice and out in the community.

Watch our OTs in action in this short video.

Through the support of trust and grant bodies such as the Hospital Saturday Fund, we are able to move forward with our vision for Closer to You, a vision that has seen an increase of 22% in the patients we have cared for this year.

Wellbeing Leader Emily Bowler said,

OTs help people to maintain their independence in activities that are important to them. 

That could be washing and dressing, managing the stairs, gardening or returning to work. It’s all about what’s important and meaningful to that individual.

OTs are very good at focusing on the strengths that people have, building on those strengths and finding creative ways to help people to do the things that they want to do. We are hugely grateful to the team at Hospital Saturday Fund for making this position happen.

John Summers, Donor Development Manager, commented,

The patients of St Wilfrid's are grateful to the Hospital Saturday Fund for supporting this new initiative which will improve the lives of so many whilst they are suffering from life-limiting illnesses.

Once again, on behalf of the patients this funding has benefited, we would like to thank Paul Jackson and the trustees of the Hospital Saturday Fund, and look forward to showing he and Gus (his very lovely and well-behaved dog) around the hospice in the future.