After first taking an interest in candle making four years ago, Emma Henson launched her home fragrance company BAHLOO & YHI in January this year. Emma hand crafts soy wax melts, with room sprays, diffusers and candles coming soon. Kindly, she is donating £1 from each sale of her ‘Happy Days’ collection to St Wilfrid’s, which is very close to her heart.

Inspiration came to Emma after she began lighting candles for her father in law Tony, who had Motor Neuron Disease. ‘It became a talking point one day,’ she told me. ‘I said how I thought I might give candle-making a go and he said “it can’t be that hard” which was his typical nature. He would encourage you to give anything a go.’

Tony was admitted to the hospice for one week, for pain and symptom control. He returned home feeling more like himself, thanks to the hard work of our Nurses, but unfortunately his health declined and he was re-admitted to the Inpatient Unit.

‘The staff were so welcoming and they all became friends with him,’ Emma said. ‘I didn’t like the hospice at first because I could only associate it with one thing, but once we met the staff I quickly realised how much I loved the place. Anyone who came into Tony’s room was so friendly and he had a laugh with them. The environment was calm and we felt at home there, which I never expected.’

After Tony died, Emma received counselling from our Bereavement team for five weeks, ‘Being back in the hospice definitely helped. I didn’t know what to say or who to talk to, I didn’t want to be upset in front of the children as they were coping so well; I needed to be strong at home, so it was a really good outlet and once again all the staff were so welcoming.’

As a way of saying thank you for the care and support that Emma’s family received, she is donating £1 of each sale of her ‘Happy Days’ collection to the hospice. ‘I want to help people in the same way that the hospice has helped me,’ she said. ‘Everyone you talk to has a story about St Wilfrid’s and it’s always a positive one, even if it’s about a time that would have been so sad for them.

‘The name ‘Happy Days’ reminds me of all the good memories I have with my father in law and many people can relate to happy days they have had with their loved ones. The ‘Happy days’ scent is lemongrass, lime and mango, which I chose four years ago while sat with Tony; it reminded him of his time spent living in Thailand.’

Like the rainbow coloured ‘Happy Days’, each of Emma’s products has a personal link to either something or someone she loves. For example, ‘Banoffee’ is inspired by the pudding, which she used to make her father in law and loves that Banoffee Pie was invented locally, and ‘My girl’ is inspired by her daughter. ‘I want them to smell authentic,’ she said.

All of Emma’s products are safety tested, insured and compliant with European regulations, and crafted using true to life scent and premium, vegan, cruelty free ingredients. If you would like to browse BAHLOO & YHI products, you can visit the website here: