We are sad to report an ongoing problem at our Moy Avenue Donation Centre in Eastbourne. Our retail team have had to spend many paid and volunteering hours clearing up fly tipping and dumping of poor quality items since the beginning of 2018 but recently were upset to discover household waste such as broken glass, leaking milk bottles, tea bags and other unsafe items mixed with our donations. 

This is hugely demoralising for our hard working Donation Centre team, comprised mostly of people volunteering their time to help out their local community, and it unfortunately costs the hospice a considerable sum to sort, clean and dispose of this waste correctly. Waste added to these bins has also damaged donations left in good faith to us.

Every day we are hugely grateful to our community for their amazing support and help. Your donations helps us provide specialised nursing and clinical care to hundreds of people annually, your volunteering ensures we can deliver all of our services and your participation at fundraising events help spread the word about hospice care through East Sussex.

Without you we couldn’t do what we do and help people who urgently need hospice care. Please share to let your friends and family know that we need this situation to change and that a thoughtless action can have a huge cost to a good cause.

Thank you.