‘Hi, I’m Georgia. I’m the new Communications Assistant; it’s nice to meet you.’

There are so many people to remember the names of, but out of all of the new starts I’ve had to deal with in the last few years, this one, my first ‘proper’ job since graduating, has definitely been the easiest. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and been so accommodating and compassionate.

When you’ve studied an industry-specific degree, mine being Fashion Communication and Promotion (FCP for short), no one ever encourages you to look beyond that industry, and there’s almost a competition about getting the best job in that industry. Fashion and hospice care are very much worlds apart!

Saying this, I’ve only been in this job for a week and I already know it’s the right place for me. I’ve never felt so at ease being the newbie at a job than I have here. There’s an aura of positivity the moment you walk through the doors, despite the circumstances; the hospice itself really is a building without borders.

You would be surprised about all the different jobs there are to do here, the place would fall apart without them. I was also amazed at the number of things that are going on; the eBay shop for example, or the number of events happening this year, or the support and talks that are offered to staff and volunteers. And it’s my job now to encourage people to find out about all of these things too - the gems in the Retail Shops and to run through 5K worth of colourful bubbles!

If you were ever wondering whether to volunteer or apply for a job here, here’s your recommendation, because you definitely won’t regret it! Visit the Volunteer pages or get in touch with our Voluntary Services team at [email protected] to find out how to get involved.