The importance of managing falls and preventing their occurrence and re-occurrence is vital for hospice staff and community partners. We joined with Welbeing to highlight this issue and provide practical demonstrations alongside our well researched data.

Quality Improvement Lead Tara Schrikker shared excellent data and findings from the past year's performance.

'It's been a great falls awareness session demonstrating the work we have done of reducing falls and also working alongside external partners. Devices which can be used to prevent falls within the IPU and the wider community and reduce injury continue to improve and reach more people who need them.

Our showcase today of some of these, as well as data from studies we have undertaken on when, where and how falls occur, has been received really well with visitors to the hospice and the team. Watch this space for some exciting additions to our Falls Awareness programme!' 

Paul Westbrook, Business Development Manager of community partner Welbeing, was also in attendance and demonstrated how many of the new falls prevention, fall tracking and fast response devices worked to staff, volunteers and curious members of the public.

Demystifying the technology behind these innovations and showing people what solutions can be installed in homes was a welcome addition to a busy Monday morning in The Street and helped show that assistance doesn't need to feel far away or prevent independence for vulnerable residents.