When Alison Beale sent us a direct message on Facebook informing us of the £1,000 she had raised through selling face masks, we had to find out more!

At the start of the lockdown, Alison began making headbands for those who had to wear face masks, to take the pressure off their ears. After such success, she then decided to move on to beautiful, high quality masks, which have also sold in their 100’s and, since sending us that original message, has raised around £2,000 for St Wilfrid’s Hospice!

Although she doesn’t sew as a past time, Alison does have a sewing machine and felt that it was the right thing to do; ‘I started making the headbands because I’ve got a lot of friends who work either on maternity wards or on ITU and in A&E. We ended up making 100’s of headbands, particularly for the Conquest Hospital and the Eastbourne DGH.’

Moving on to masks seemed like a natural progression for Alison, which were equally as successful. She decided to donate the money to charity; specifically St Wilfrid’s who cared for her husband’s mum last year.

‘The hospice helped us as a family when Fraser’s mum died last year. I thought I would give back and say thank you for their kindness and support by donating a percentage of what I made from the masks, but it’s ended up being a bit more than that!

‘I thought I’d set a goal to try to get a couple of hundred pounds, then it was £500, then £600 and so on. I’ve only been charging people £6 for them, whereas on Etsy they’re being sold for a lot more!

‘I had made masks for a man called Nigel, who is one of the paramedic practitioners at my GP surgery in Stone Cross, and suddenly one day he called me out of the blue and said “I’ve just come out of a meeting and they like your masks, could you make some for us all?” so I ended up making 40. Then it went up to 80 and they all went!’

We are incredibly grateful for Alison’s brilliant efforts to support us and hope that her hands now get a well deserved rest!