In today's Crafty Friday we learnt how to create Positive Petri Dishes out of our thoughts, feelings and concerns using a mixture of craft bits and know how! Thanks to Elizabeth Doak of FotoFonty for the amazing session and guiding us through the whole process including taking photos, changing them and using them as templates for our designs!

We regularly get great feedback from our visitors to the Crafty Friday sessions and would like to share some of the comments from this activity with you:

“Fun time had this morning making a magical ‘positive’ petri dish, also made a pop art picture of myself.  Thank you for an enjoyable morning.”

“Really enjoyable activity, had fun, thank you.”

“Most enjoyable morning.  Lots of fun.  Excellent.”

“I really enjoyed today’s Crafty Friday with Debbie and Elizabeth.  Petri dishes was a great ‘mindful’ activity and it’s nice to see them all displayed together.  Pop art pictures was incredibly fun and I think the children’s ones have turned out really well!  Thank you to everyone for all the hard work.”

If you do come in to the hospice over the next week, please have a look out for the petri dishes on display in the wellbeing display cabinet area.