In 1981 Brian Knight ran the first ever London Marathon as a dare and now he's back to cheer on our runners in 2018 at the finish line! 

Brian's wife Janet, who died in September 2015, is memorialised on a leaf on the hospice Memory Tree. During a visit to see her leaf, we caught up with Brian and his incredible custom made t shirt designed to showcase his London Marathon heritage and how much he supports St Wilfrid's!

'I remember being at the first London marathon in 1981 and finishing it in under three hours - all for a dare! What a silly fella I was. That's why I decided to get this t shirt made. It shows off me starting the race and finishing it - a lot sweatier by the end I can tell you. 

I may not have another marathon in me but I love supporting the hospice after how much they've helped me, so I'll be at the finish line cheering on the ladies and gentlemen running for St Wilfrid's this year. I like supporting good local causes and it feels great to be able to help. 

It's lovely to be back here regularly as I live a few minutes down the road. I've received tremendous support in my fundraising and I'm lucky that people consider donating when they hear my story. If I can use my status as one of the first London Marathon runners to help, that's good with me - now let's hope that they can do the hospice and my Janet proud with their run! Good luck!' 

If you'd like to be involved in supporting our team at the London Marathon or would like to donate to one of our runners, contact [email protected] or phone Beth at 01323 434200