Be (aged 9) and Hezzi (aged 6) are possibly two of our youngest supporters and recently gave themselves the challenge of a quadrathlon to raise money for St Wilfrid’s.

Originally, Be was going to run six laps of the nearby football field, do 200 hula hoops, complete a gymnastics challenge and skate 50 laps of their close, while Hezzi had planned to scoot 25 laps of their close, do 100 hula hoops, 100 ball skip ropes and skate twice around the football field. Instead, the girls did even better, with Be completing one extra lap around the football field and 100 extra hula hoops! Her mum, Ella, told us that ‘she could barely lift her legs off the ground for exhaustion’ after it all. Hezzi also ran an extra lap around the football field after skating two laps and completing an extra 200 ball skip ropes!

When we asked why they had chosen to raise money for St Wilfrid’s, Be told us that she had previously raised money for another charity and quite enjoyed it; ‘it made me feel like I’d like to do it again to help other charities. We chose St Wilfrid’s because they look after people and make sure they live well before they meet the end of their life, and I think it’s a really special thing to do.’

Their mum, Ella is very proud of the girls and would like to thank everyone who has already donated. ‘Be and Hezzi put in an amazing effort and smashed their targets in super hot weather,’ she said, ‘I’m really proud of their hot, sweaty, little faces!’

The girls are proud of themselves too, and so they should be. ‘I enjoyed it, especially the skating. The most tiring one was doing the skip jump because I did 100 extra skips,’ Hezzi told us, ‘I felt over the moon when the total was going up. I feel like I’m going to jump over the whole moooooon!’

‘I am very proud and pleased that I did that. I very much enjoyed it,’ added Be, ‘My favourite one was definitely hula-hooping, because last time I raised money for charity, I did 100, but this year I managed to do 300. It was a really hot day, and it was the most challenging day we could have done it, but we got through it. I feel very happy that I can help out.’

We would like to thank Be and Hezzi for their creative and quirky fundraising idea to support the hospice. They did exceptionally well doing everything they did, especially in such warm weather! If you would like to donate to their JustGiving page, you can visit it here.

If you would like to take on your own fundraising event to raise money for St Wilfrid's, please visit our Can you help? pages or contact our Fundraising team at [email protected]