We were overjoyed at the huge show of support from so many runners at the Beachy Head Marathon, as they battled through the first chilly weather of the year to overcome the beautiful but steep surroundings of one of England's great natural landscapes!

While any marathon is an incredible achievement we were hugely impressed by the achievement of Anwar Akchich, who ran the marathon TWICE in one day. Anwar has previously run a number of gruelling endurance challenges for the hospice as our team looked after Anwar's mum. Anwar has run half marathons and ran 100km from Eastbourne to Arundel just two months into his training - all on behalf of raising money for patients here at the hospice.

Anwar's experience of the Beachy Head Marathon wasn't the typical one though - the bitter cold ended up giving him hypothermic symptoms. He explains how his race went below:

'I feel OK in myself as I’d done some pretty serious training leading up to this - including climbing Mt Snowdon! So physically I was prepared but nothing could prepare me for when the temperature plummeted and I froze on top of the Downs.

'The doctor at the finish said I’d run half of the first marathon and the whole of the second marathon with hypothermia and a chest infection! My core temperature had dropped to 33.5 but he reckoned it had possibly dropped as low as 31. Scary stuff but at no point would I have ever realised how bad things were; I just felt cold.

But then again I should be cold as I’m running a double marathon across the open South Downs in October! I know I’m stubborn but if I’d known I had hypothermia I would have pulled out of the second marathon. Safety first - I'm lucky to get the medical attention but grateful that I could raise so much for St Wilfrid's and it all worked out in the end!'

To support Anwar's fundraising please visit his JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nannypat10