Aidan, one of our Young Clinical Volunteers, has volunteered over the last 5 months as a Young Clinical Volunteer. We caught up with him after a shift on the In Patient Unit and asked him about his time at St Wilfrid's, what he'd learnt and what he enjoyed most about the opportunity.

'All the things I’ve been called during my time working as a Young Clinical Volunteer at St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Whatever my title is, I’m here to learn through the joys helping other people, whether they're patients, relatives, doctors and nurses.

It's been 5 months of an incredible experience. I've learnt so many soft skills and real life skills like chatting, making tea, emptying bed pans, cleaning, feeding, answering call bells - the list goes on. Some I knew a little about before I volunteered on the In Patient Unit here but a lot I didn't!

Working in an amazingly well-run medical environment it's been unavoidable - I've developed an array of skills!

Some are intangible but they've made a profound difference to my life. Growing the confidence to enter a patient’s room and ask if they’re okay. I've been looked after here by the staff and it's given me the courage to be there and ensure patients are comfortable, if they have had any bowel movements and being there to hold their hand when they cry out in pain and need that human touch.

I've been there for their relatives too, listening to their worries and sharing their thoughts. Seeing a dead body for the first time was tough but it taught me to respect life at all stages and keep ensuring people are looked after, treated with respect and love whenever they're here at St Wilfrid's.

Before I'd joined St Wilfrid's, I had never even thought about any of these as things that happened, let along things I could handle or would be doing in the time I spend here. Yet the hands-on tasks and the responsibility I’m given make me feel like my time working as a YCV was a privilege.

Favourite parts? The countless learning opportunities I’ve had in this unique role, the friendly team of nurses who, even on meeting you for the first time, teach and support you. The care I’ve seen given to others and the beautiful emotions that brings out inside me as I witness team members' genuine care for everybody they meet.

I will always cherish the time I spent with St Wilfrid’s Hospice.'