Children and young people grieve too.

We offer bereavement support to ALL children and young people in our catchment area, not only to those bereaved under the hospice.

Often parents and carers are best placed to help their children. We can talk through worries and concerns regarding your children with you and help you support your children in their bereavement. We have a number of resources (such as books on bereavement for different age groups) which we can suggest to you.

We have a St Wilfrid’s workbook available for children and young people “Someone Special To Me Has Died”. The workbook can be completed by children and young people on their own or with a parent or carer. We may also use it in the context of the counselling we offer for children and young people. You can download a copy of the workbook here. Printed copies are available from a member of staff.

It may help the child or young person to talk to one of our counsellors. Regardless of whether they have lost a friend, sibling, parent or grandparent  -  sharing thoughts and feelings about the person who has died is often helpful. Activities such as using photos, playing with memory boxes and other tools, all depending on the age of the child or young person concerned, can help the child or young person navigate bereavement.

Whether or not the deceased was under the care of the hospice please contact us directly on 01323 434257. Alternatively, feel free to complete a referral form by clicking the button below.

The referral form can be used by parents or carers, teachers and other professionals. Children and young people may also refer themselves.

The referral form can be found below.

For all referrals consent to the referral should be obtained from the parent (if child under 14) or the young person themselves.

If you want to refer yourself we will need your parents’ or carer’s consent if you are under 14.