Never has the heart and soul of St Wilfrid’s been more evident than during 2020, as our Nurses and Doctors cared for local people through the long months of the pandemic.

But never has St Wilfrid’s needed your help more than now.

Please, help us to care for local people who desperately need us more than ever before in our 40-year history.

Like you, I’m sure, I’d hoped this would have all been over by now.

Last March, as we entered lockdown for the first time, I looked ahead and felt sure, confident even, that in a year’s time we’d all be back to normal, working as we used to, seeing our friends and family when we wished.

Instead, we find ourselves back in a very tough situation, and the recent lockdown has been one of the most challenging times we have faced in our charity’s history. Like so many charities, we changed how we work, moving some of our services online.

But for those living alone coping with a terminal illness, often isolated from family, nothing can replace a friendly St Wilfrid’s Nurse arriving at the door, bringing expert care and support. And that’s exactly what our team has been doing, wearing full PPE, every day since this pandemic began. Our whole team has been working incredibly hard to give every patient the same personalised, compassionate care we’ve provided to local people for 40 years.

We must fund most of our care from donations and fundraising, but we’ve had a full year of cancelled events and limited community fundraising income, along with our shops being closed much of the time.

It’s had a terrible effect on our voluntary income, in fact, we lose over £4,000 every single day that our shops are closed and events are restricted. You’ve been part of the St Wilfrid’s family that’s kept us going through this last year - thank you.

I wish I could say that we could get by without asking you for help again now, but that’s sadly not the reality. To keep our care going over the next 12 difficult months we simply must call on good folk like you in our community to stand with us once more. And so, I hope you understand why I am here asking for your urgent help once again today.

Please give what you can and thank you.

David Scott-Ralphs

Chief Executive

St Wilfrid’s has been the magic link that has kept us both going over this last year. I know how important it has been to me to know they are always there. I support them financially, just what we can manage each month because I want to be sure that after I’m gone, they’ll be able to come out to see other people like me.

I hope everyone realises how lucky they are to have St Wilfrid’s to care for them!

Roy, patient

Roy, patient