Bring some cheer to your garden this summer and grow a giant sunflower!  

We have starter sunflower kits with all you need to get started.  Watch your sunflower grow from a tiny seed to a towering beauty that will follow the sun around your garden.  How tall will it grow?  Giant sunflowers can reach a magnificent 6m high …and maybe even taller! 

Measure it every day and let’s see who can grow the tallest sunflower for St Wilfrid’s.

Our Sunflower Challenge starter kit includes:

5 x giant yellow sunflower seeds

1 x propagation pot

1 x portion of all-purpose compost

Growing instructions

A chart to record the height of your sunflower

Sponsor form

Raise money to support St Wilfrid’s

Get your family and friends to sponsor your sunflower for every inch it grows.  When you think you’ve reached as high as you can, take a photo and send it to all your sponsors and tell them the height you reached.  What a beautiful sunny way to raise money and show your support for St Wilfrid’s.

Collecting sponsorship while isolating/social distancing: we understand that collecting sponsorship money is going to be difficult at the moment so we suggest that you ask your supporters to make a donation directly to the hospice through our website.  When they donate on-line they can tell us that they are making the donation for you and your sunflower so we’ll be able to say thank you properly.

Send us your photos! 

When your sunflower has reached its sunniest tallest best, send us a photograph and we’ll post it on our website and social media.  We hope we’ll have a beautiful sunflower filled virtual garden by the end of the summer.  Send your photograph by email to [email protected] 

Finally, there will be a prize for the tallest sunflower! 

Order your Sunflower Challenge kit now and let’s get started!

We suggest a donation of £10 for each starter pack.  You can order more than 1 pack. 

N.B. Packs will be sent out by 2nd class post and despatched within 2 days of order.

Help the Hospices rebrands as Hospice UK | Third Sector

Did you know?

The yellow sunflower is the symbol of the hospice movement.  It depicts compassion.  The seeds at the centre of the sunflower represent the patients, they are surrounded by petals representing the care and respectful dignity of palliative care. 

Booking for this event has now closed.