Jail and Bail is a new fundraising event for 2019, which will see a number of community leaders and well-known figures spending time behind bars (for entirely fictitious crimes!) at Eastbourne’s historic Redoubt Fortress.

The prisoners' only hope of freedom lies in raising £1,000 in bail money with the help of their connections, friends, family and - most importantly - the public! All funds raised are in support of St Wilfrid’s vital work.

This nefarious crew will have from between now to the date of their court trial - which has been confirmed for the 29th of March at the Redoubt - to deliver the bond, or else face a lengthy prison stay!

How to bail out your chosen prisoner

Events such as these would not be possible without the support of our local community, and you can get involved by ‘bailing’ out your prisoner of choice.

Simply click on their headshot below, where you will be taken to their 'criminal' profile with a link to their JustGiving page. From here you’ll be able to find out about your prisoner’s campaign, their dastardly crime, and how much of their £1,000 bail they still need to raise.

Stay up to date

Follow our prisoners’ respective journeys to freedom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be posting using the #HospiceHooligans tag.

Meet the prisoners

Thanks to…

A huge thanks must go to the Redoubt Fortress for providing the perfect venue for our event, the community police officers who will be ‘arresting’ our fugitives, and to the wonderful volunteers who will be lending a hand on the day itself.