Join us for sessions exploring poetry. Four events, drop in for one or more. Open to patients and carers, including bereaved carers.

Patrick Bond, a poet (and as it happens partner of one of our nurses) with extensive experience in creative writing and wide knowledge of poets and thinkers, past and present, will share some readings ‘designed to unlock the power of words in each of us’.

Come, sit back and listen. Maybe even have a go with your own words?

We are holding these one-off sessions to explore interest in this kind of activity at the hospice. If proving popular and of benefit we may be offering more sessions or even seeking some grant funding for a poet in residence, to add to the broad range of activities at the hospice.

Tuesdays: 30th October, 13th November, 27th November, 11th December, 1.30–3.30pm

Please join us. No need to be referred. Simply turn up.

For further information, contact Martin Symons at [email protected], or telephone 01323 434275.