One of our Community Fundraisers, Dara, used her down time at home to come up with a creative way to raise money for St Wilfrid’s, from her own sofa.

The idea was simple – a Sims sweepstake, which people could donate £2 to enter and then eight people would be randomly selected. She would then create these eight people as Sims and the winner would be the Sim who could fend for themselves for the longest. They would win a cash prize, being 25% of the donation money. The remaining 75% will be donated to the hospice.

After a quick Facebook post to her friends, 21 people signed up in total, including people from across the world, from places such as Seattle and Germany. Altogether they raised £42, which will pay for an inpatient's meals for a day and a half

Once she had randomly picked her eight people, she spent four hours making the Sims as lifelike as possible, ‘I didn’t want to offend anyone and make them an ugly Sim!’ she said. She then also had to make the house, which took her till midnight to finish.

The next day she shared a live stream of the house on Twitch. ‘We just streamed the whole thing. People who hadn’t even entered were watching it!

‘It was frustrating to watch the Sims having free will, but it took about 11 hours in real time so you could just get on with your day and drop in when you had a spare minute.

The Sims' house

‘It was something that was a bit different and it meant that we got to talk to people who we wouldn’t necessarily speak to on a day to day basis. Also, I’m not a gamer and I managed to do this, so imagine what a gamer could do to raise money.’

Dara and her husband, Albert, also have other creative and out-of-the-box fundraising ideas in mind. One of these is a ‘Virtual Euros’ football tournament, using the computer game Pro Evolution Soccer. They plan on selling each team off in a sweepstake and then playing a marathon of games until they get the winner. 

JustGiving have a ‘Gaming for Social Good’ platform, where you can hold your own gaming event while raising money for your chosen charity. Why not let your imagination run wild and hold your own event for St Wilfrid’s, from the comfort of your own gaming chair, like Dara and Albert? You may just be entered into the Hall of Fame!

Head to , click on ‘Charities’ and search for St Wilfrid’s Hospice (Eastbourne) to set up your page.

Happy gaming!