Professional placements

Clinical Placements (from University)

We provide clinical placements for pre-registration students, studying at the University of Brighton in nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. We also offer 2-day training days, 3 times a year for medical students from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, who come to us to study palliative care.

Work Experience Placements (from Schools and Colleges)

We also offer placements to students in schools and colleges studying Health and Social Care Courses. These can be one day a week over a month or a block placement of 2-4 days. Placement opportunities are described below in various departments.

Day Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The tasks could be varied from administrative and organisational tasks to patient engagement and interaction:

  • Attend morning admissions meeting
  • Attend clinical meetings
  • Participate in creative arts sessions
  • Improve communication skills
  • Attend breathing clinic
  • Help to serve tea/coffee/meals
  • Observe and participate in group activities

Hospice at Home

Activities with Hospice at Home team:

  • Attend morning admissions meeting
  • Accompany Hospice at Home nurses caring for patients in their own homes
  • Accompany nurses on support visits in Eastbourne & Uckfield areas to compare differences between town and a more rural community (if appropriate)

In-patient Unit

Activities a work experience student (supervised by a mentor) participates in:

  • Observe hand over’s between different health care professionals
  • Assist in handing out meals and drinks to patients
  • Attend weekly clinical meetings
  • Observe basic skills being done (temperatures, blood pressure, pulses, blood sugars and respirations)
  • Administrative tasks

Fundraising, Communications, Admininstration

There are other work experience opportunities with other non-clinical areas of our hospice.

For more information call Susan Stocks, our Learning and Development Manager:

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