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27/04/2017 14:27:14

After 9 years of leading our hospice and raising us to be a national leader, Karen Clarke has left the position of Deputy CEO to accept the CEO role at St Michael's Hospice in Hastings. 

19/04/2017 10:58:09

Our Business partnerships allow us to provide care across a huge catchment area and we're grateful for them all year round but this Easter the hospice was treated to a veritable bonanza of support and fundraising in aid of our service!

10/04/2017 11:46:45

With 14 runners running the Brighton Marathon, we were proud of the support of our community as they braved the hottest day of the year so far, raising nearly £9000!

05/04/2017 14:53:30

This year's Open Gardens are a true treat, with East Sussex opening its garden gates for our hospice! Check out what's on offer around the green and pleasant land of Sussex this summer inside this latest blog post.

05/04/2017 12:48:47

We need your help to improve our website. If you're in our East Sussex catchment area and want to help us improve our online offering, please click here and fill out a survey!

17/03/2017 11:32:49

Crafty Friday was filled with animal magic as we drew some unique creatures from Northern Africa, South America and North America in a lovely live drawing exercise.

15/03/2017 17:54:43

 Our fire and ice event really caught fire with participants last night! Check out our blog here and photos on our Facebook page. 

15/03/2017 13:58:22

 When Pauline first met Angela neither of them knew that these shop visits would bring over £500 into our hospice shops, help start up a small business in Portugal's only national park and create beautiful objects from raw and recycled materials! }

01/03/2017 13:23:47

Our pancake race in Eastbourne was a huge success! Taking place for the 8th year, this annual fundraiser involved 26 teams and 104 competitors!

01/03/2017 13:17:47

Nursing Director Colin Twomey explains some of the big changes coming to the way our expanded nursing team will be delivering care in our hospice and across the community of 235,000 people we serve!

24/02/2017 16:38:45

Roger is a host liaison at our hospice, a vital volunteer joining our front of house team to our clinical team in a role unique to our hospice.

24/02/2017 16:31:52

Kee is our GP registrar and regularly interacts with our patients, nursing team and senior doctors. Find out his story here.

24/02/2017 16:28:40

Lisa, our CI Officer, is a vital part of how we administrate health care and patient facing services. Find out her story here.

23/02/2017 11:15:23

Meet Kiki, a volunteer hairdresser at our hospice!

23/02/2017 10:26:02

Ruben is a registered nurse and always a smiley presence around the hospice. Find out what he thinks about the importance of fundraising for his role, as well as how the hospice helps patients and visitors.

21/02/2017 17:05:09

Joyce is a patient on our inpatient unit. Read her story here.

21/02/2017 16:58:21

Judy is a patient in our Wellbeing courses. Read her story here.

21/02/2017 16:29:50

Cliff cares for Dawn, his wife, and has been helped by our hospice to manage this through courses and facilitation. Read his story here.

20/02/2017 11:49:35

David, our minibus driver, is a passionate advocate of hospice care and a cheerful presence wherever he goes. Read more of what he has to say in this short interview.

19/02/2017 11:39:49

Maria has been one of our volunteers for over a decade and brings her family's culture of service to our team. She is currently one of our invaluable ward clerks - a position at the heart of our caregiving.

18/02/2017 10:48:22

Richard has been a donation collection driver for our hospice for 4 years, moving from volunteering part time to working full time for us. Read his story here.

17/02/2017 10:29:43

Beth is a community fundraiser at our hospice and coordinates our events to help raise funds for our work. Find out what her role entails and how she contributes here.

16/02/2017 12:19:25

Helen is a host volunteer in our inpatient unit. See what makes her choose to volunteer and why she thinks hospice care is changing people's lives for the better.


15/02/2017 10:17:19

Jayne is one of our community support volunteers and shares her thoughts with us about the value of her role to so many people in our catchment area.

14/02/2017 09:54:58

Tara is an inpatient nurse manager at our hospice and has been with us for 10 years. Find out what she thinks of our future plans and current capacity in this article.

13/02/2017 09:39:15

A new series of posters setting out what services our hospice provides to members of our community will be heading to our retail stores this month. Designed to provide more information on what you can access at home, how we can help grieving families or the bereaved and ensure that people know what is on offer for them.

13/02/2017 09:35:47

Sue is a retail volunteer at our Uckfield shop. Find out why she volunteers with us here.

12/02/2017 08:46:36

Molly, a patient in our Wellbeing class and one of our Experts by Experience, shares her account of how the hospice makes her feel.

11/02/2017 09:41:31

Arthur was a patient in our inpatient unit at the hospice, who we helped move and referred to a care home closer to his family. Here, he gives his account of what the hospice is to him and how it's helped him move on with his life while acknowledging his situation.

10/02/2017 09:31:43

Mandy Hendry is our salon coordinator and helps manage volunteers at our salon, as well as providing beauty treatments and therapy herself. This holistic approach is detailed in our interview with her.

09/02/2017 12:18:12

Revd Alex Baxter is part of our bereavement team who provide counselling and support to the hundreds of people requiring our services each year.

08/02/2017 16:07:05

David Barclay is our Medical Director and helps ensure the quality of care in our hospice is excellent, as well as overseeing our medical team and visiting patients. Find out more about his role here.

07/02/2017 11:39:16

Ruth, our IPU Nurse Manager, tells us how her role benefits those who visit us, as well as the importance of fundraising for frontline clinical staff at our hospice.

06/02/2017 16:11:26

Our men's cooking group in a fine mood on Friday - plenty of laughter, advice and great cooking! On the menu was chocolate rye bread, ciabatta and raisin scones.

We run this group to bring bereaved men and those in the care of our hospice together. It's a real blend of individuals sharing common experiences and is a warm, compassionate space where people feel free to be completely honest about their experiences and discuss them with others.

06/02/2017 16:02:48

Our Community Fundraising manager, Darren, has been working with our fundraising team at St Wilfrid's for a year and shares his insights about why donations benefit our whole hospice community.

05/02/2017 10:40:49

Ruth is a physiotherapist at our hospice and specialises in helping our patients get moving again. Find out how she helps our patients here

04/02/2017 10:28:55

Andrew Burrell, front of house manager at St Wilfrid's Hospice, explains his role in keeping our hospice a warm and inviting place for family, friends and patients, as well as staff and volunteers. Read more here.

03/02/2017 18:10:35

Robert Halsall is a patient in our Wellbeing unit, visiting us for classes such as Fatigue and Breathlessness and mobility. Here he details why the hospice has given him a new lease on life and made talking about death and dying much easier. Read more inside.

02/02/2017 18:45:31

Pauline, the manager of our Uckfield shop, tells us why she began working with us and why our local hospice shops are so invaluable for keeping people aware of what our hospice does in the community. Read more here.


Nadine is a bereavement counsellor and volunteer at our hospice, helping families and friends cope with grief and the emotions following the death of a loved one. She is also our first interview for #28Stories. Read more here.

22/12/2016 10:12:13

We've reached 1000 admissions since our new hospice site opened in 2013!

21/12/2016 10:38:41

Dr Louise Free has had an exciting journey across England in her career as a specialist in palliative medicine, beginning her career as a junior doctor with our hospice before moving to London and Bristol to gain further knowledge before returning to us this year. We marked her '10 year return' this year and share a brief interview with her in this blog.

19/12/2016 13:55:45

Our 7 ceremonies for Lights of Love raised over £33,000 and brought together nearly 600 people across East Sussex. 800 doves were hung on our hospice Christmas tree as we celebrated a non-denominational gathering to remember loved ones.

06/12/2016 10:00:09

An amazing festive fundraising effort by the Bexhill Santa Dasher's, raising over £3300 so far for our hospice!

15/11/2016 13:35:15

Joan has over 28 years of experience working with our hospice as a volunteer, having begun as a receptionist and most recently become an associate of our hospice following her retirement. We catch up with Joan in our café for a cup of coffee and some good conversation - read more inside.

14/11/2016 12:58:25

We were joined by artists Ed Boxall and Martin Symons, as well as 3 schools from the local area, to celebrate the Big Draw 2016!

04/11/2016 09:50:51

Alex began fundraising for St Wilfrid's Hospice in December 2015, choosing to take on a challenge a week for one year!

Read her story here.

18/10/2016 09:55:15

We welcome our new Chief Executive, David Scott-Ralphs, to our hospice this week! Read his thoughts on the hospice, some details about his background and the big tasks awaiting us as an organisation.

16/09/2016 11:12:33

Ascending the heights of Kilimanjaro is tough work but these Brighton-based fundraisers are doing it for our hospice, as well as several other amazing causes!

13/09/2016 14:44:04

Julie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015 and was told she didn't have long to live. She was referred to our hospice and, with the help of our clinical team, recovered enough that she could leave our care just 2 days before Christmas. Find out how the hospice helped her and her family inside, in this interview conducted on one of her fortnightly visits to our hospice.

07/09/2016 12:22:29

Deciding what to donate is a tricky business. Here's our handy guide!

06/09/2016 09:24:08

Anwar Akchich is raising money for our hospice over 12 months and 10 extreme endurance events, all in memory of his beloved mother, Pat. His extraordinary story is only beginning as he finishes his first race, a 100km race named the South Coast Challenge. You can still donate to this amazing effort over the course of the next 11 months!

24/08/2016 11:31:05

If you have followed us since our time in Mill Gap Road you may recognize our new Consultant doctor at St Wilfrid's Hospice, Dr Louise Free. Originally starting as a junior in 2007, Dr Free has returned to our hospice with great experience further afield. Read more here.

23/08/2016 11:31:05

In a video filmed last year for our YouTube channel, Debbie explained how she lives with terminal illness, the effect it has on her children and how she still makes it all work as a busy mum.

22/08/2016 11:14:50

Some walked in silence, others in joyful conversation. All shared in a special moment, with 750 people brought together to celebrate loved ones and their lives. We present a selection of those memories we present to you now, thanks to the kind submissions we've received from followers who attended 2015's Starlight Stroll.

18/08/2016 12:41:33

BBC Southeast ran a report on our hospice and our Hospice at Home team, showing how we help the local community in their homes and ensure that they have the best possible care wherever they are. They also interviewed Acting CEO Karen Clarke, alongside Hospice at Home manager Leanne Swain and Friends of Sussex Hospices' Chairman, Kathy Gore. See the report here.

11/08/2016 08:21:26

Winner of our Volunteer's Week 2016 Quiz at our hospice, Dee has volunteered weekly for 2 years with us in a role unique to our hospice - Welcome Point volunteer. Read her thoughts on volunteering, interacting with staff and foot therapies here.  

11/08/2016 05:25:33

Meet Craig, one of our most vocal advocates on social media and a committed runner. He has been raising money for our hospice for just under 2 years, in memory of his father-in-law who died in 2014. Read his story here..

08/08/2016 12:42:04

Darren Maylam, our Community Fundraising Manager, was highlighted as a Rising Star in the hospice sector by the Institute of Fundraising and offered the chance to speak on increasing the engagement of young volunteers.

26/07/2016 10:19:58

Seb's father passed away, having told his son of a desire to see the West Coast of Australia. His son fulfilled that ambition in a 5 day, 1200km cycle through temperatures of 39c on the sweltering tarmac of the tropics. Watch his video here.

22/07/2016 10:15:59

Meet Molly, one of our patients in Wellbeing. Molly has been visiting us since January 2015 and we recently met with her to chat about her career, our Wellbeing classes, Open Garden fundraising and sharing a chilled glass of Prosecco!

18/07/2016 12:44:02

Ellie Moran wanted to help her Grandad when he began losing his hair during his battle with cancer. The grinning 7 year old made the cut and had her lovely long hair snipped to support her Grandad's chosen charity - St Wilfrid's Hospice!

17/07/2016 15:22:16

One of the most recent partners to join our Business Partnership program, Haulaway are a recycling and waste management company based in Hailsham. Here they explain how they're helping raise money for our hospice and improve efficiency in recycling in East Sussex!

12/07/2016 13:44:15

James is raising money for our hospice!

06/07/2016 14:30:06

An incredible journey across a landscape of many changes, Gary Bennett and Ana Lopez have raised over £8000 so far by cycling !

30/06/2016 13:37:51

Thank you, Dr Jo, and we wish you a great retirement!

21/06/2016 10:24:53

Birling Manor Farm played host to a spectacularly successful fundraising lunch in aid of our hospice. With a huge total donated and many games played, prizes won and songs sung, this was a tremendous event for our community and our team.

16/06/2016 10:39:51

A warm salutation to all of the volunteers who make this place the heart of the community.

15/06/2016 10:56:18

Willow Langdale-Smith, whose son is a hospice user, delights in making charming hand-drawn illustrations which showcase the cheekily raw and the cheerful, incisive and laugh out loud moments of childhood and adult life. We interviewed her to see how she approaches life and loss through her creativity.

13/06/2016 09:19:08

The Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival 2016 was a riotous blend of colour and shape, festivity and celebration! We look at some of our favourite shots, taken by the volunteers, users, patients and staff of St Wilfrid's Hospice who attended the event!

09/06/2016 11:50:56

Sally and her husband Sam were in a bind over their wills and didn't know where to turn for counsel. Luckily, they heard about Free Wills Month through our hospice and transformed their experience into something positive.

06/06/2016 09:54:26

Our hospice was lucky to be visited by Llew and Jim as part of Music In Hospitals wonderful idea to play more live music for users of palliative care!

31/05/2016 10:00:40

It's volunteering Week 2016 and we're honouring ours! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our hospice. Every imaginable role is filled by the hard work, dedication and skills of our volunteers. Let's find out how much they help us in this latest blog post!

31/05/2016 09:55:48

We've released the latest Reaching Out and sent it to over 20,000 of our followers and volunteers. Please feel free to subscribe to this mailing list if you're interested in receiving a physical copy of our bi-annual round up!

30/05/2016 12:19:51

Gill Cannell was diagnosed with MS in 2002 and knew there would be a tough road ahead of her and husband of 44 years, John, her principal carer. Luckily, she fit right in at the hospice and had some very kind words to say about the whole team. We caught up with them on one of her visits to the hospice, having a bite to eat in our community area, The Street.

23/05/2016 09:50:57

Want to really hit the ground running fundraising for St Wilfrid's Hospice? Well, we might have the perfect event for you!

04/05/2016 11:00:00

Dying Matters Week is an annual, national event with the aim of getting people to talk more openly about dying.

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