Legal trustee position


We are currently seeking to recruit a new trustee who, in addition to the competencies outlined in the Person Specification below, has a specific legal background. Her/his expertise will ideally be in the area of corporate and charity law and/or commercial law. This is not to replace the need to obtain specific legal advice and representation for aspects of our work, but to act as a point of reference and oversight. This trustee once appointed will join the Audit Committee.

Both the Chair, Fiona MacIntyre and the Chief Executive, David Scott-Ralphs, would be willing to have an informal chat about a trustee role with St Wilfrid’s. To arrange this with one of them, please contact Chris Piper on 01323 434227 or It is envisaged that there will be an appointments process for this role and we will require a brief CV.

Person specification for the role of St Wilfrid's Hospice, Eastbourne Legal Trustee

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