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Graham's story

'I was a Fireman for 43 years, and we were constantly being retrained. That's what I feel like the hospice has done- retrained me.

'I can cope with this now. I have a new medication plan and I'm going to have my house adapted so I can still do things like cook for my partner, Christine, who I met at jiving classes 14 years ago, and my amazing children, James and Jenny. They can't be looking after me all the time!

'I didn't think I would be going home. I'm so happy!' Read more.

Our vision

Our vision is of a community where people talk openly about dying, live well until the end of their life and where nobody dies alone, afraid or in pain.

To fulfil our vision for people at the end of life, we work to deliver on our five REACH priorities. We consider these priorities in everything that we do.

Responding to growing demand

Demand for support at the end of life is increasing rapidly as the population ages.

Enabling people to die at home

Most people would prefer to die at home surrounded by family and friends.

Assessing impact

Demonstrating the difference hospice support makes to the quality of people's lives.

Collaborating and educating 

Working with, and training others, to improve end of life care in all settings.

Harnessing compassion

Encouraging the community to care about the needs of people nearing the end of life.


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