Share your story

Your words could comfort others, change opinions, and inspire people to help our hospice.

We want to celebrate the extraordinary people we meet and challenge common misconceptions about hospice care. We also love showing our community just how their amazing support makes a difference to real lives.


Whether you've personally benefitted from our services, or we've cared for a loved one, your unique perspective will raise invaluable awareness of our work and may help somebody else feel less scared or alone.

Your story will be published on our Facebook page and website, and may also be included in our magazine or email communication. We might also be interested in submitting your story to local or national press, however, we will not pass on your details to anyone outside of our hospice without your consent.

If you're interested in sharing your experience of hospice care, or would like to find out more about how we'll use your story, you can email us.

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