'I held a princess themed tea party.  I think it's important to raise money for the hospice so that other people can be looked after as well as my nanny was.' Sophie Parker-Jones

What we can offer

-Hints and tips on boosting your fundraising
-A-Z of fundraising ideas
-St Wilfrid's t-shirts/jerseys
-Buckets and collection tins
-Personalised sponsor forms
-A certificate of how much has been raised
-A representative to attend the event
-Advice on poster creation
-A copy of our logo
-Promotion of the event on our social media, website and in hospice literature

Plan your own event

You've baked cakes, thrown parties, climbed mountains, and abseiled down famous landmarks... 

We're constantly amazed by your efforts. You're an incredibly kind, creative, committed bunch, and our patients and their families have benefitted from many of your fantastic fundraising ventures in the past. We're excited for the wonderful adventures ahead!

Whether you're hosting your own event for family, friends, or the community, or are embarking on a grand, personal challenge, we'd love you to get in touch and let us know what you're planning.

If you know you'd like to do something but are a little stuck for ideas, we've put together an A-Z of Fundraising Ideas that we hope will help!

Once your scrawls on a post-it have transformed into your polished plan, you can count on us to be your biggest champions. We'll help you however we can, and will be on hand to answer any questions or offer any advice that you might need.

You'll help us be there for those who need us.

Good luck! Thank you for making a difference. 

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