A lasting legacy

Elaine, a much-loved daughter and friend, was affectionately known for her quirkiness, dry sense of humour, and addiction to chocolate! She sadly passed away in 2006 at just 42 years old following a terminal cancer diagnosis, and spent her final days being looked after by our lovely team of doctors and nurses.

Elaine was the only child of Roy and Pat, and the trio enjoyed many happy memories together. They loved visiting stately homes and taking long, muddy walks with Katy, their beloved Airedale Terrier. Roy and Pat were devastated when Elaine passed away, however felt that this difficult time was made slightly easier by the care Elaine had received whilst with us, and the bereavement support that was offered to them afterwards. 

Following the death of Pat, in 2008, and Roy, last summer, we discovered that they had kindly left half of their estate to our hospice, including their family home in Hampden Park, which we will let out. Their beautiful furniture is also being sold in our charity shops.

This incredible act of generosity and special legacy will help our nurses be there for those who need us. Roy, Pat and Elaine will touch the lives of those going through what they did for years to come.  

Free Wills Month

We've teamed up with local solicitors who will create or update your Will free of charge in June 2017, in return for a donation to St Wilfrid's Hospice.

Writing a Will is one of the most important parts of planning for the end of your life. By creating a Will, you have the opportunity to record your final wishes and decide what you would like to leave to family, friends, or causes close to your heart. 

In order to participate in the scheme, you or your partner need to be 55+ and have booked a date during June 2017 to see a solicitor for your first appointment. 

The full list of local solicitors taking part this year are:


Barwells 01323 411505
Cornfield Law 01323 412512
Gaby Hardwicke 01323 435900
Hart Reade 01323 727321
Heringtons 01323 411020
Lawson Lewis Blaker 01323 720142
McCarthy Webb 01323 400530
Mayo Wynne Baxter 01323 730543
Stephen Rimmer 01323 644222


Barwells 01323 814010
Hart Reade 01323 841481


Barwells 01323 899331

For more information about the scheme, please contact John Summers on 01323 434214 or via email.

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