Donate to St Wilfrid's Hospice Appeal 2017.

Our appeal

This time of year can be difficult for many people living with cancer and other lime-limiting conditions and for their loved ones. With your support we can continue to reach out to these local people and ensure that they are not alone.

Leanne Swain, a nurse at St Wilfrid's Hospice, appealing for financial help on behalf of the hospice at a difficult time of year for many patients and families.

Supporting people at home

Most of us, when ill, would rather be at home with family and friends and it’s the same for those with life-limiting illness.

At St Wilfrid’s there are various ways we can support our patients to do this. And, while free of charge to our patients and their families and carers, the services we offer cost over £11,800 a day to run.

We've included stories from our nursing team below, as many of our services bringing care to patients homes are dependent on these raised funds. Their experiences show how vital the work of our hospice is to 1000s of patients and families each year.

Can you help with these costs? 




Hospice at Home

Last year, our Hospice at Home team of Nurses and Healthcare Assistants provided expert nursing care for 532 patients in their own homes.

The team works every day, in partnership with the local Primary Care services. A visit from the medical team can be arranged if required and Hospice at Home also offers support to local care and nursing homes.

Nurses for the Hospice at Home team at St Wilfrid's Hospice. Caption words are provided by patients and families who were assisted by our team.



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