28 Stories: The people your donations help

Our #28Stories series was a way to show how staff, volunteers, patients and family members interact with our hospice daily, what kind of ways they support each other and how vital funding is to making care work for everyone in need of end of life care services across our catchment area. The #28Stories were shared on Facebook and Instagram and reached over 100,000 people and have been commented on, liked and shared over 30,000 times already!

We're tremendously proud to be represented by these people and excited to see how we can continue providing excellent care throughout 2017.

Please click on an individual portrait to read their story and find out more about how our hospice works!

Our #28Stories for our hospice appeal

Beth, community fundraiser at St Wilfrid's Hospice.


We ran our #28Stories to help our hospice raise £129,000 before the end of the financial year, to plug a funding gap. Please consider making a donation to our hospice and helping our team continue with their amazing work. Our appeal may have closed on March 31st 2017 but please continue donating - your donations are so valuable to our work!

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